It is illegal for cars in the UK to run or be parked around anywhere, especially on highways without an MOT. Still, not everyone is aware of many facts, which we will discuss in this article today. Look below for all the doubts you have regarding the topic. 

Can I Park My Car On The Road Without an Mot

It is the most crucial thing that any car owner should know for anyone who does not understand what MOT means. MOT represents the Ministry of Transport – a department under the government that ensures the testing of vehicle safety, exhaust emissions, and roadworthiness through the policy. If your car fails to pass all these parameters, you may be considered a lawbreaker in the United Kingdom. 

Now that you have understood the basics let us skip to the question of the say,

Can I Park My Car On The Road Without Mot

If you park your car anywhere on the road or especially highway, then the chances of your vehicle being reported are high. Cars without MOT are either fined or seized by the police, and you will be asked to report to the station.

Parking on road

Ensure that your car’s MOT has not yet expired; if it has, you are not allowed to park your vehicle anywhere on the road according to the guidelines. However, you can park your car anywhere on your private property, such as a lawn, private garage, driveway, or any safety store. 

What if you are not using the car but only want to park it somewhere? 

If you are not using the vehicle for a long time, we suggest registering the vehicle under “SORN”, A Statutory Off Road Notification. Having this information, your car will be considered off-road, and this way, your vehicle won’t be reported. 

If a car is MOT exempt, it need not get an MOT, but what does MOT exempt mean?

This status covers various types of vehicles first registered less than three years ago or cars over 40 years old and electrically powered goods vehicles registered before March 1st, 2015, and tractors. 

How will you report a car without an MOT?

If you happen to find a car or any vehicle without an MOT, immediately get in touch with your nearest police branch. Note that you can only report a car if the said vehicle is running on the road and not parked anywhere.

Vehicle without an MOT

Details you need to inform the public while reporting the car: 

  • Registration Plate Number
  • Make and Model
  • Colour
  • Last seen Location

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