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On Or Off Airport Parking?

When we go on a trip, then parking is one of the important things that we stress about whether it’s a short trip or a long trip. We also carry luggage with ourselves we also have to manage that luggage after parking so proper parking should be given importance. There are many types of airport parking available but the main 2 types are Onsite Parking and Offsite Parking. And, many people get confused about which parking service among these 2 should be taken. In this blog, we will discuss some important factors that will be helpful in choosing between them.

on or off site parking

Following are the 3 most important factors while choosing on or off airport parking.

(1) Pricing: Onsite parking is located in the airport itself so that you don’t have to travel much and thus the pricing structure of onsite parking is higher than offsite parking and they also give some complimentary services when you opt for onsite airport parking thus you have to pay more for onsite parking.

When we talk about offsite parking, then these parking lots are located at some distance from the airport, and from that place you have to take shuttle service to reach the airport and thus offsite parking is cheaper compared to onsite parking.

(2) Comfort: You get a lot of comfort when you choose onsite airport parking service because in onsite airport parking, you get to park your vehicle in the airport itself and the distance from parking to the terminal is very less and valet parking is offered so that he can take you to the designated spot so that you can catch your flight easily and on time. Onsite parking is also very comfortable as it is very convenient for wheelchairs, baby carriers, and also to carry luggage.

Offsite parking is a comfortable choice because in the airport parking there are many people and there is much rush but in the offsite parking lot there is a lot of space and also less waiting time thus you will get a good experience in offsite parking.

Thus, when comfort is concerned then both services offer good comfort just it is that both services offer a different type of comfort.

(3) Safety: Onsite parking is in an enclosed space within the airport and an enclosed space is always safer than the open space. In an enclosed space, there are supervisors who always take care of parking spaces with various modern tools thus there is good safety in onsite parking.

Offsite parking spaces also have strong security as these spaces have watchmen, fencing, and cameras to take care of, just make sure that you remove all the important items/valuables to be on a safer side.

Thus, these are the factors that you should consider before choosing an airport parking service, and based on these factors you decide your service because everyone’s need is different than others so just be clear what exactly you want from your parking service and then choose accordingly.

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