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Top 4 Tips for Airport Parking

If you are going for a trip or planning to go for a trip then there are many things that need to be pre-planned and one of the major things is Airport parking because airport parking sometimes turns out to be costly and a heavy amount has to be paid for that.

But don’t worry, in this blog, we will let you know the top tips for airport parking which will make the parking process easy for you.

tips for airport parking

Following are the top tips for airport parking:

(1) Book early to get the prices: Car parks companies always tempt you to book early and they offer the cheapest deals to people who book it around 15-30 days early. Many people book parking at the last time and then they have to pay a higher price for them. So, try to book it as early as possible so you can get assured early and get the best price possible.

(2) Choose the service according to your needs: Everyone has different needs so it is important that you choose the service according to your need that is comfortable for you.

If you want the service at low prices – then choose Park & Ride

In the park and ride service, your car will be transferred to the airport by shuttle bus. These parks will be a little far from the airport but you will save a good amount of money by opting for this service.

If you want the service for convenience – then choose Meet & Greet

If you opt for Meet and Greet service then a fully insured chauffeur will greet you at the terminal from the car park who will help you to unload your luggage before driving the car to the parking. And, when you return back from your trip then he will meet you again ready at the airport with your car ready to go back home. Meet & Greet service is costly than park & ride service but it is very comfortable and very suitable if you are travelling with your family or even when you are carrying more luggage with you.

So, you can choose between these both services as per your need when you go for a trip and you are in need of airport parking.

(3) Pay attention to safety & security: You should make sure that whether or not service providers are following the security guidelines. If you are in any country there are some guidelines by the system that needs to be followed by the service providers. So, if you live in UK then in the UK there is a national security standard for car parks which is called “Park Mark” and you should choose those parking services of only those who follow standard security measures of their country and keep your car in a safe and secure park.

(4) Check the transfer time: You should check the transfer time to the airport terminal if you have opted for park and ride service. Transfer time till 15 to 20 minutes is ok but more time taken than it is not considered good. Because, if the transfer time will be more than you will reach the airport late and there are many chances that you may miss your flight. So, just pay attention to this prospect also.

So, these are the top tips for airport parking. . So, from now onwards if you are going anywhere and you need airport parking then just refer to these tips to make your airport parking process easy.

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