If you are going on a trip or planning to go for a trip then there are many things that need that you need to plan and consider and one thing that is very important is – parking. Also, if you take parking very lightly at Gatwick airport then you may even miss your flight because you will waste your time in finding space for your car park.  And, many times the parking cost becomes very high so it is better to plan to reduce the parking cost. So, in this blog, we will let you know the tips for getting the best deals at the Gatwick airport parking.

gatwick airport parking

Following are some of the useful tips for getting the best deals on Gatwick Airport Parking:

(1) Book early: At Gatwick parking, there are a fixed number of spaces available for parking so if you book late your parking then are chances that you may even not get the parking space or you have to pay a heavy price for that. Also, if you book earlier then you will get super deals that will save your money. So, it is better to book the parking space early. Book your airport parking space from Easy Holiday Park and Fly (EHPF) and get some amazing deals and discounts. 

(2) Double-check your terminal before booking parking space: At Gatwick airport, there are 2 terminals – North & South and both the terminal have their different parking spaces – Gatwick north terminal parking and Gatwick south terminal parking so double-check the terminal from where your flight flies because many people book the parking space on the wrong terminal and waste their money. So, double-check your terminal before booking the parking space.

(3) Choose the company that has police-approved Park Mark Award: In the UK there is a national security standard for car parks which is called “Park Mark”, it means that the company/car is safe and secure and your safety & security is the most important thing. Thus, you should only choose the company that has the police approved park mark award. 

(4) Choose off-site parking: Off-site parking is much cheaper compared to on-site parking so if you are booking the parking then book for off-site parking. You can easily get the bus from the parking space to the airport, so book off-site parking, but consider this parking only if you are travelling alone and have enough time to reach the airport.

(5) Consider Valet Parking service: If you are travelling with your family or have more luggage with you then valet parking is the best option for you as it is very useful, in valet parking you don’t have to stress about parking because a valet/driver will park your car by themselves, you just have to give the car keys to the valet when you reach the terminal and when you come back they will be ready with your car. This is very safe and also valuable service that can save your cost as well as give you comfort.

So, these are some of the most useful tips for getting the best deals on Gatwick airport parking. Consider these tips the next time you are travelling to the airport. We at EHPF provide the best valet parking services for your car. So, book your parking space from us and get the best discounts and deals.

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