If you are going on a trip or planning to go for a trip then there are many things that need that you need to plan and consider and one thing that is very important is – parking. Parking is one thing about which you should plan so that you don’t have to struggle at the end time so in this blog, we will let you know some useful tips for parking at Luton airport.

parking at luton airport

Following are some of the useful tips for parking at Luton airport:

(1) Pre-book your parking space: This is one of the most important things that you should do when you are travelling because you don’t want to waste your time in finding the parking service on the first day of your travel and even it may lead to missing your flight. So, book the airport parking in advance and make your experience more convenience at Luton airport.

(2) Choose a reputed and secured company for car parking: If you are booking car parking from a company then make sure that you choose a reputed and secure company for that. Choose a company that already served enough number of people and most importantly has ‘Park Mark’ Security as it is a standard for security in the UK and companies having this award are considered good and secure.

(3) Book the parking after properly checking your time of arrival or departure: When you book the parking space then all the companies ask your arrival or departure time and you have to give them the proper time. So, make sure that you give them the correct time of your flight because they can wait for you maximum for around 20 minutes so it is important to provide them the correct time.

(4) Book the parking service according to your need: There are many parking options available at Luton airport like On and off-site parking, Meet & Greet parking, etc. 

  • In onsite parking, the parking space is very near to the terminal so you can reach very easily to the terminal.
  • In off-site parking, the parking space is a little far from the terminal but you can reach the terminal from shuttle bus service and this parking option is cheaper compared to onsite parking. But, book this option only when you are travelling alone and you don’t have heavy luggage with you because it will become difficult for you to travel to the terminal with family and luggage.
  • Meet & Greet parking service is very comfortable service, here you can just give your car to the company chauffer after reaching the terminal and the chauffeur will park your car for you and at arrival, he will be ready with your car. This service is very useful when you are travelling with family or with heavy luggage as you can directly reach the terminal that too with luxury, this service is very valuable.

So, these are some of the most useful tips for parking at Luton airport. We at EHPF provide some of the best parking options which are also cheap car parking Luton airport options that can help you in parking your car and provide you comfort.

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